On the way!

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Good morning/evening!

Yesterday was climax of the stressful period of time I’ve had the last couple of weeks… One million things to do and I didn’t manage to check them all off.. But I spent much time with my kids and my closest ones which is the most important and matters the most :-)
So now I’ll just have to deal with it and do the best out of the preparations that I managed to do at least..

Slept about one hour this night and tired as hell! Sitting in London now at the airport, with a double espresso and waiting for the connection flight to Dallas, Texas.



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Uncategorized July 9th 2013

Short movie prior to the Branch Warren Classic Show

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Hi all!

Here is a short movie prior to the Branch Warren Classic Show coming up now on Saturday the 13th of July!

I will leave Sweden tomorrow (or rather during this night), and finally land in Dallas, Texas tomorrow evening after a looong trip..

Will try to keep you posted ;-)




Better Bodies athlete Bo Johnson prior to The Branch Warren Classic Show 2013 from Bo Johnson on Vimeo.

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2 weeks out! Soon there…

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Well, now it’s only two weeks left until the Branch Warren Classic in Houston Texas, USA. Time really does fly by!…


Shape is getting better each day, as usual I feel thinner, but of course that is normal while getting harder as well..


Have had a great Weekend with my kids, as always! They don’t understand how much they mean to me, at least not yet. But I’m sure they feel it :-)


Take care of your loved ones, and don’t forget yourselves either!

Yours, Bo



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Competitions June 30th 2013

Less than 5 weeks to go…

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Hey ya :-)

Today I had a great breast and biceps workout, at the best gym in Malmö of course AA Elit Fitness.

I am struggeling with pains in my right elbow, and some in both my knees still, but I am just trying to ignore that right now ;-)

Otherwise it is going swell, the shape is coming more and more, and I feel good overall :-)

In times when everything else around you is rather crazy, you need something in particular to hold on to. Training is much more than just training… it is also ones only little time for yourself where you can disconnect everything else, all problems, and clear your thoughts.. It is therapy!

Good night folks :-)

Best regards,





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Links - Training June 12th 2013

Become what you eat

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You become what you eat they say….

I should hope so!

See you at Mix&Eat in Malmö ;-)

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Uncategorized May 30th 2013

8 weeks to go

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Shoulders today, at Ahmad Ahmad’s gym.
The diet is going good, but the elbow hurts a bit every now and then.. every day…
8 weeks to go!! :-)

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Links - Training May 19th 2013


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Soon 400 kcal burnt for this time, this day…

Listening to Django soundtrack!

Have a great evening folks :-)

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‘You Are Unbreakable’

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Today I received a letter, a real letter with an envelope and not an email.. with a special and very motivating content!

However, it did not say from whom it is or any other notes at all?? Anyone reading this that feels guilty? :-D

Well here is the content at least, a paper with the text followed below. Much of it is true, and I am flattered that this someone understands and thinks of me like this…

‘Most people don’t understand, but you’re ok with that.

For you, training is not a hobby or a social activity;


Those around you say that you are obsessed, taking it too far and possibly insane.

They can’t understand why you won’t eat birthday cake, why you bring tupperware full of chicken to a party or why you go to sleep early on a Friday to rest up for a Saturday training session.


Their accusatory tones, sarcastic remarks and insults are merely cotton bullets firing at a titanium wall of perseverance know as YOU. You know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that any negativity that surrounds you is fueled purely by jealousy. Jealous that you are capable of unconditionally commiting to something that most cannot stick to for more than a few weeks as part of their yearly resolution.Jealous that you gladly embrace a lev el of pain, discomfort and fatigue that others cringe at the idea of suffering a fraction of. Jealous that you take time to count carbs, protein, fats and calories while they count their chicken nuggets to make damn sure their 10 pieces isn’t a 9 piece.


Ironically, all the comments, nagging and questioning that is meant to break you down a little, does just the opposite. Every negative word reminds you of how special and uncommon your mechanical allegiance to training really is, in turn pushing you harder.


Let them call you obsessed, razy or insane and watch you get stronger with every word. The only one who can slow you down is yourself. As far as the rest of the world is concerned, you are both an immovable object and an unstoppable force…


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All or Nothing May 7th 2013

Back workout with the brothers Cardoso at RAW

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Hey ya!

As some of you have wished for (or complained  about ;-) ) me writing in Swedish here, I will from now on try to write in English instead :-) Hope my Swedish friends will understand this as well hehe

Yesterday I visited the newly opened gym Träningsvärket RAW at Limhamn in Malmö, Sweden. I was convinced to go there by the brothers Cardoso, and I only think it is fun and developing to visit and try out new gyms.
We had an awesome back workout with many different exercises and sets, rather heavy, and we also had great fun!
To finish off, we had a go in the crossfit room which they also have… some great laughters haha :-D

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Links - Training April 19th 2013

På väg tillbaka, och kör good ol’ benpass!

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Efter min armbågsoperation för drygt ett halvår sedan har det mest handlat om sjukgymnastik och rehabilitering för min del, när det gäller träningen. Har gått ok totalt sett, med snabba framsteg i början för att sedan åka på bakslag då och då.. Men totalt sett har det väl gått bra. Fått upp rörlighet och styrka, fått tillbaka en del muskelflexion också. Skadan har dock diagnostiserats som kronisk artros, så kommer aldrig bli helt bra! Fast är glad över att kunna träna igen, och efter att ha ändrat i en del övningar, hoppat över några, och tänker på utförandet av resten går det faktiskt att köra överkroppen fullt ut nu :-D

Här ett benpass från ikväll, med Jimmy Rosengren. Bif filmklipp på ett set: 12 x 430 kg i hackliften, YEAH BUDDY!!! ;-)

Ha en skön kväll alla!

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Links - Training October 29th 2012